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Q & A

Q: How long do I have to wait after making a deposit before I can request a refund?

A: You have a seven-day grace period, but after the seventh day, the deposit becomes non-refundable.

Q: What can I do on my land?

A: Apart from building a cabin, you can also use part of your property for a food garden. We can help you plant avocados, oranges, bananas, etc., and manage the garden when you're away.

Q: Is there a service for taking care of the land?

A:Certainly, we offer land care services at a monthly fee of $500 US dollars per worker.

Q: Will you help me find buyers for my produce?

A: We can assist you by connecting you with potential buyers, but all further negotiations will be handled by the landowner.

Q: Where can I stay if there's no home on the property?

A: We offer a discount to stay at the local lodge.

Q: Is there transportation available?

A: We have motor cycles for rent, and Punta Gorda town is about a 20-minute drive away for groceries and such.

Q: How do I start if I want to add a cabin or house to my purchased land?

A: We provide a turnkey service for the cabin we offer. Alternatively, you can make your own arrangements if you want to build something yourself.

Q: Is there water and electricity?

A: Each lot has water access from the river. All lots can have power service brought in.

Q: Is there security on the Farm?

A: The premises are guarded 24/7.

Q: When will I get access to the land title?

A:The lease-to-own contract is for 36 months. Once the final installment is paid, the land transfer will be processed.

Q: What are the property taxes?

A:The annual property tax is $15 per lot.

Q: Is the land under any conservation easement?

A: No, the land is not under any conservation easement.

Q: Are the boundaries of the property clearly marked?

A: Yes, all lots are clearly marked to avoid any confusion about their boundaries.

Q: Are there shared facilities included?

A: We are adding a clubhouse and recreational facility.

Q: Does the property have proper drainage?

A:Yes, the property has good drainage.

Q: Where does the river in front of my property lead?

A: The river flows year-round from the Mayan Mountains and joins the Moho River about 1.2 miles downstream, which then flows into the Caribbean Sea. It's suitable for kayaking, fishing, and swimming.

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