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Q & A

How long after deposit made may I request a refund?

There is a grace period of seven days, after the seventh day the deposit is none refundable.


What can I do with on my land?

We offer planting of avocados, oranges and peppers or add animals such as chickens or horses. However you can do what you want as its your property.


If I cant take care of the land is there a services ?

Yes, we take care of the land for a monthly deposit of 500 US dollars.


Do I have assistance with finding buyer for my produce?

We will help to find contacts for potential buyers of produce but all other negotiations must be done by owner of land.


Where can I stay if property does not have a home built on it ?

We will provide a discount to the hotel that is located fifteen minutes from the farm.


Is there any type of transportation ?

We will have a shuttle that goes back and front three times a day from the farm to the Placencia Peninsula where the hotels are located.


If I want to add a cabin or house to the land I bought how do I start.?

We we will offer you turn key service for the cabin we offer.

 ou can make your own arrangements should you want to build something yourself.

Is there running water and electricity?

Yes we have water pipes to each lot and electric lines on the property.


Is there security on the Farm?

There are guards on the premises twenty four hours a day seven days a week.


Will I be able to live full time on the Farm after purchasing the land?

Yes after your house is built. We will offer accommodation during that time at a discounted cost at the which is a  beach resort about 20 min away.


How long until I have access to the title of the land?

The contract is a 24 months lease to own. Once the last installment is paid the transfer of the land will be made.


Can I join two lots together to make a larger home ?

We have the lots sub divided into to specific section, if you purchase to lots that are beside each other this may be done.


What will the taxes be on this property?

US$ 25 per year billed at the end of the year once you made the final payment.


Is the land under any type of Conservation easement?

No the land is not


Are there any environmental hazards I should be aware off ?

The property has none.


Are the boundaries of the property clearly marked?

Yes all lots are clearly marked so that there are no confusions in where it starts and ends.


What is the properties best use?

The Farm can be developed into whichever the owners desire may be as long as its agricultural.


Is the Land exposed to high winds?

No the property is not exposed to high winds.


Are there any common facilities included?

Yes we are adding pool and recreational  facility.


Does the property have proper drainage ? 

The property has good drainage.


Where are the nearest bodies of water ?

We have to natural ponds that retain water all year. The ocean is 20 min away.


Is there a home owner association?

No there is not a home owner association

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